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January 2011

(Combined Fall 2010 / Winter 2010-2011 Issue)

I woud like to extend my sincerest apologies to all my wonderful writers and readers who have been waiting for LIT to come out again. I have a hundred (mostly very good) reasons for not following through with my obligations. However, none of them can excuse the lateness of these two combined issues. I can only hope you all will bear with me as  try to get things back on track.

There's some great content here. This issue will contain all the contest winners from the Fall contest, new poems and prose, and other features you may have come to expect from LIT MAGAZINE.

I am putting out a call for submissions for the Spring 2011 issue, which should come out around mid-March 2011, and has a deadline of the second week of February. Please refer to the Submissions page of this site. 

I am also looking for possible sites to offer links to. (They will be reviewed before being posted. I am looking for sites related to writing, such as blogs, online chapbooks and literary magazines. I ask primarily that these sites be compatible with LIT'S family friendly format. Feel free to submit such links, along with a one to three sentence description of  the site to-

Thank you!

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August 2010


I apologize to all LIT'S readers and contributors. This issue is almost not getting out before the Autumn 2010 (And 1st Anniversery Issue.) I've had a litany of personal things going on that have hindered my working on LIT, and heartily apologize. I've vowed to do better in the comming year. My readers and writers deserve nothing less, and I want to thank you all for your support of this website.

LIT'S Autumn Issue will come right on the tail of the Summer one, almost. But, I still plan to host a (hopefully) fun contest for this Autumn, a bit different from what the site has done before.

I hope to see more short prose submissions in the future, and to that end I am putting together a contest revolving around one of the shortest form of fiction possible- called "NANO-FICTION".

For those of you who might be unfamiliar with the term it revolves around stories told in just 6 words. No joke! I didn't believe such a thing was possible, when I began, but I've found it can be a lot of fun to try. So, this Fall, LIT and I will be running a NANO-FICTION CONTEST.

The usual guidelines apply. Three works per sumbmission email, no profanity, pornography, or outright horror. (Although, because it will be fall I'd kind of like to see some mysterious, fantasy fiction or mildly spooky stories.)
A special note for the nano-fiction though- stories must be 6 words long- no more, no less.

There will be one $10.00 cash prize awarded to the "best" story- this is a contest after all. Still, several of the works may be published.
Deadline is Sept. 5, 2010.

LIT is also accepting the other types of poems and stories we normally carry.

You can use the comment form below on this home page to submit your stories, or send those or any pieces to

LIT MAGAZINE is an online literary magazine that aims to get people "lit up" about life and literature! 

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