Lit Magazine

How To Submit

EDITOR'S NOTE - Some guidelines have changed as of  Summer 2010  

Lit Magazine is open to submissions of poetry, and submissions of short prose.  

Please email...  

*1-3 previously unpublished poems at a time.  You may submit 1 prose piece, fiction or non-fiction, per quarter, with exceptions when contest rules say you may enter more than 1 prose piece.  

*Poems should be 30 lines or less.  Prose may be fiction or non-fiction (Increased allowed word count) 500  words or less.  

*Try to make sure poetry lines and paragraph breaks are clearly indicated. Poetry and other writings will presented in a straight line down the left hand side of the page  on the website, with extra spaces between verse and paragraph breaks. If you are able to double space your prose writing, please do so.  

*Most genres are accepted. No profanity, pornography or "outright horror", though, please.  

*Lit Magazine has the right to publish selected works one time, but asks to be able to archive poems and stories. Writers retain all rights.  

*Be sure to include the words Lit Mag somewhere in your "Subject" heading. You may also submit short works using the comment form on the home page. If you choose to submit using the second way, please remember to put contact information in. 

*Please include your name, email address, and optional telephone number. Lit wants to conatct you as much as you might want to contact Lit.   

*Here's a warning however-  Do not send email attachments. Emails that include attachments will be deleted unopened, due to web safety reasons.  

Please allow up to two weeks for a reply. If you haven't heard back from Lit by then,feel free to email-  

Lori Simpson at   

(This is the address you should email poems,prose pieces or any comments or questions to.)   I truly, truly hope to hear from you!